Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living and what are you interests? 

I am an international DJ and Producer and self confessed fitness fanatic.


How important are supplements in your eating plan?  

Supplementation is ESSENTIAL for people in my line of work who try to keep healthy and work the long hours i do. Often I’m on the road, traveling and don’t have time to eat a proper meal, supplements are vital to make sure I’m getting in enough calories to maintain my physique. On low energy days, after late nights, pre workouts help me to get through my essential workouts. 


What does your Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan look like? 

- Evox Premium Whey protein
- Evox Ultra-Pure L-Glutamine
- 100% Casein
- Evox BCAA Stack
- Evox Pre Amino Energy


Do you do any other sport or activities outside of the gym?  

I'm a big mountain bike fan, but if given the choice i will always choose the raw feeling of weights.


What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?  

There is elegance in simplicity, this is also my motto for life. So often we complicate our nutrition, training and daily practices, when, often, the simplest approach is the most effective.


Quick facts:

Favourite music to train to? Adam Beyer

Favourite form of cardio? Treadmill

Favourite cheat meal? Anything chocolate

What do you do to relax? Watch movies, spend time with my girls, play piano


Top achievements: 

As a bodybuilder: WABBA SA Heavyweight champion

As a DJ/producer: Ultra South Africa Main Stage, 4 number one radio songs in 2016, 2016 top 100 best song, new album ‘Solid’ out now


How can fans make contact with you? 

Website: www.markstent.com

Instagram: @markstent

Facebook: djmarkstent

Youtube: Mark Stent

Twitter: @markstentdj