How and when did you get involved in the fitness / sports industry?.

I decided to compete in my Matric year in 2014 as I thought it would be amazing to see how far my body can be pushed.

What is your personal motivation for achieving and maintaining your physique?

Just being all round healthy internally and externally.

What was it that first attracted you to the industry and the competitive stage/ or any other sports you compete in?

The love of hard gruelling work.

How do you prep for shows/ any other competition?

With difficulty. I tend to withdraw from the world and do my own thing inside a bubble, I’ve been working on improving on this and being more sociable while prepping. So far so good.

How important are supplements in your eating plan?

Extremely. I sometimes miss a meal due to lectures, that’s why I always bring a protein shake to class.

What does your Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan look like?

- Evox Ultra-Pure CLA
- Evox Pre-Amino Energy
- Alpha Thermo Shred Powder
- Evox 100% Whey Advanced Protein
- Alpha Resurgence BCAA 3:1:1
- Alpha Pre-Surge Extreme
- Evox Synergy Protein MP-5

“Complaining is the easy way out, you either do something about it or keep quiet”

Quick facts:

Love comic books
Watch many movies for film techniques.
Obsessed with Harry potter books.

Competitive achievements:
1st place Nabba Provincials and Nationals 2015 6th Place Rossi Classic 2015
1st Place Wbff 2015
Wbff Worlds 2016
Twitter and/or Facebook: (twitter), (Instagram)

Student –Tuks