How and when did you get into the fitness Industry?

As a teenager I have always been a sporting fanatic. My Father was a rugby player extraordinaire, playing Fly Half for South African 15's, Fort Hare University, Midland Province, retiring at age 35years old. I definitely have his athletic make up. I played provincial Hockey and Netball until Matric. To this day fitness has spilled into every area of my life. For me it's not about the way I look, it about the way it makes me feel...mentally indestructible.

What is your personal motivation for achieving and maintaining your physique?

Be patient, with your body, it is capable of doing amazing things. Your results are in eye sight, you just have to want to see it. I love learning new things about fitness and continuously want to learn more. You have to crave it. Break away from the normal. Take your training to the next level. Strengthen your mind and your spirit. Ambition is contagious. Have hope and courage with your purpose and you will bring others with you. Look yourself in the mirror and discover strength in your reflection.

What is the first thing that attracted you in the industry?

I add credibility to sports that are non-conventional, as I am inspiring and empowering to the young females of colour. I create an attitude as a team player that anything and everything is possible.

I am an individual with passion and intellect, but I also have staying power to perpetually invoke support wherever I go. I bring out the best in my team, with my vibrant energy that when I make up my mind, I am unstoppable.

My dream is to summit Mount Everest, as a team of Black Women from South Africa...our team being the first of its kind, A National Treasure.

I have unwavering dedication to promote women's empowerment and I think I'd make an outstanding spokesperson as I consider myself an authentic force of nature.

What does your Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan look like?

As sponsored athletes we are competitive and set high goals for ourselves. We train hard, thus stressing our bodies. Adding supplements to our diet ensures not that we are replacing the nutrients we have lost, but aids in a faster recovery.

- Evox Synergy Protein MP-5
- Evox Cassein Protein
- Evox 3DT2
- Evox Ultra-Pure L Glutamine


A Good Life is all about BALANCE. Life is SHORT. Enjoy the good stuff. Take a break. Family and Friends are Life. You frame of mind is so important to your spiritual future. And remember you were made to be AWESOME.


• FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 6 years running • Submitted Kilimanjaro in an All Woman Expedition on International Women's Day 2013 • 2013 Body Beautiful Competition in Top 15 • 2015 ABSA Cape Epic Finisher • Jeep Warrior Obstacle Course Athlete 2016/2017- Commando Elite • Team EVOX Elite Ambassador for 10 years running


"Headphones In, World Off, Beast mode on.”

Website: www. Future-ceos.com
Twitter: @HlubiMboya
Instagram: Renegade @hlubimboya1 FB: HlubiMboya

Actress, Social Justice Activist, Sponsored Athlete, Social Entrepreneur, Executive Director of Future CEOS