What makes the DHL Stormers and DHL WP so special?
Steeped in history, heritage, pride and tradition the DHL Stormers and DHL WP teams play out of DHL Newlands Rugby Stadium, the oldest original Test venue in the world. (126 years in 2016)
Super Rugby attendances between 1999 and 2016 averages 36,181 -which represents 75% of the stadium capacity of 48,000.Z
In 2016 and in 2015 the DHL Stormershad the highest average attendance per game out of any of the teams competing in the Super Rugby competition.

Competitive achievements
WP has won the Currie Cup 33 times, which is more than any other Union.
Over the last six years in Vodacom Super Rugby, the Stormers have been the top SA team, winning the Conference trophy 4 times.
Provided the most Springboks. 263 of the 869 Springboks to date have come from WP.

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Professional Rugby Team
Professional Rugby Team
Professional Rugby Team