Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living and what are you interests?

I have just moved from a career in fashion retail, to the exciting position of being Editor-In-Chief of the South African edition of Muscle & Fitness Hers. I am so excited for the coming year and the opportunities that this massive career change and opportunity will bring.

How and when did you get involved in the fitness industry?

Three years ago, as a 21 year old, I found myself constantly social media stalking Chady Dunmore, Jessica Arevalo, Paige Hathaway and Michelle Lewin. I was amazed at their dedication to the routine of being super healthy and fit and literally began copying everything Jessica did in terms of her diet and training (she was even my screensaver lol). That was when I discovered what a Pro Card was for the first time. In April 2014, while on vacation in New York and Las Vegas with my best friend, and eating everything I shouldn’t, I spontaneously sent my mom a message from thousands of kilometers away, to enter me into the WBFF South Africa (just 7 weeks out from show day). 7 weeks of blood, sweat and hundreds of tears later, I got on stage for the first time and, even to my surprise, placed 2nd overall in my bikini line-up and was also awarded my WBFF Pro Card.

How do you prep for shows?

I do a 12 to 16-week prep for each show, decreasing my caloric intake as I near show day. I hold a significant amount of water, especially in my legs, so my coach makes me cut squats from my leg routine at about 9 weeks out. During peak week depending on my condition, we either load or drop water and do a serious carbo-load.

How important are supplements in your eating plan?

They are incredibly important but I have found that my body reacts best to the simplest and most natural of ingredients, so I do my best to stick to the most basic supplements majority of the time.

What does your Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan look like?

- Evox Multi-vitamins
- Evox Tributrone-Z
- Evox 100% Egg Protein
- Evox Ultra-Pure L Glutamine
- Evox BCAA Stack

What training tips do you think are most relevant to women?

To perfect form before increasing weight. Add HIIT cardio into your routine and, as your glutes are the biggest and laziest muscles in your body, train them every day!

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

I am fortunate to be part of a federation where having the best physique on stage is not always what wins, so the best advice I have received is to find what makes me stand out from other competitors and to be completely me. This has also kept me mentally sane and stopped me from being too hard on myself by constantly comparing myself to the next girl.

Competitive achievements:

WBFFSA 2014- Bikini Short 2nd Overall & Pro Card Awarded
WBFF 2014 European Pro Championships- Pro Bikini 2nd Overall
WBFF 2016 North American Pro Championships- Pro Bikini Top 5

Quick facts:

Favourite music to train to? Hip-Hop
Favourite form of cardio? Stepper.
Favourite cheat meal? King Steer Burger
What do you do to relax? Watch disgusting amounts of reality tv.

How can fans make contact with you?

Charelle Johnson WBFF Pro (FB),
@Charelle_Johnson (Instagram)

Editor-In-Chief of the South African edition of Muscle & Fitness Hers.