How and when did you get into the fitness Industry?

At the age of 16, I used to jog every day after school since my mom couldn’t afford to pay for my gym fees.  After completing my matric, it was time for me to find a job so that I could help my mom and also be able to pay for my gym membership. 

Starting to workout was the best decision I’ve ever made. I then started teaching group training classes in 2006-2012, and that’s where my passion for fitness, health and well-being started. In 2012 I gave up my career in I.T as a systems engineer to focus on my passion for fitness as a personal trainer. 

It was a challenging transition but exciting at the same time, because I knew that I was focusing on what I love.

What is your personal motivation for achieving and maintaining your physique?

My motto #borntomove focuses on body movements, and the achievement of a healthy body and mind. Your body is capable of all kinds of movement and it can do amazing things. 

Combining functional training with, speed, power, strength and plyometric training has helped me to move and achieve the body of a sprinter. I am motivated by sprinters and driven by functional training methods. 

The comments that I receive from people has made me want to help others to achieve greater body physique and I keep inspiring them. I believe in a healthy body, which leads to a healthy mind and a positive attitude.

What is the first thing that attracted you in the industry?

My followers are inspired by my methods of training and my physique. My clients are grateful for their transformation and achieving their goals, and all this has made me to continue working hard, inspiring people and changing the lives of those around me.

I am driven by my passion for the industry, and one of my wishes is to see the youth adapting a healthy lifestyle at an early age. I also want to make a difference in the communities in which I work so I do my bit for those less fortunate through industry related events and functions. 

It is also my dream to teach men and women about how to use supplements effectively together with balanced nutrition to their benefit. 

What does your Evox Advanced Nutrition daily supplement plan look like?

- Evox Synergy Protein MP-5
- Evox Amino Energy
- Evox CLA
- Evox BCAA Stack 


Work for a healthy body and mind, don’t put your focus on what people think about you, but pay attention on how you feel. Because, if you feel good… you know you look great. Live a balanced a life. Remember to LIVE. Life is too short to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Take a holiday. Enjoy life and do what you love, if you are not passionate about it…it won’t make sense to you.



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"Headphones In, Good music, Gym Face loaded with Beast mode.” 

“Gym floor is a Playground”

#enjoyawena #ungasabi


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